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CipherLab’s RS31 is Proven to be a Reliable Solution For Australian Logistics Company

A leading logistics company in Australia found that the Cipherlab RS31 fulfilled all their tracking and warehousing needs with its touch-sensitive control, extreme durability, versatile features, and long-lasting battery.

Established in 2003, the logistics company is dedicated to providing end-to-end logistics solutions to customers and has expanded to become a leading transport and warehousing provider in Australia. It offers local, regional and interstate transport services Australia-wide and specializes in large bulky items such as air conditioners, hot water systems, and various other white and brown goods. The CipherLab RS31 is now being deployed as a business tool for their logistics drivers to do tracking consignments with customers and providing proof of delivery.

The CipherLab RS31, a rugged touch mobile computer, satisfies the demanding industries of the field sales, field service, retail, and healthcare. Its touch-centric control functions and improved features are protected with an even stronger and more durable design. It has an upgraded IP67 rating which allows the RS31 to sustain operation under heavy rain and dust in the field. The CipherLab RS31 series is also capable of sustaining a 1.2 m drop resistance and up to 150 tumbles at 0.5 m. With these impact resistance capabilities, logistics drivers need not worry about damaging the device when it’s dropped accidentally. Moreover, its dominating operating power and fast internet connection offers accurate data transmission. The built-in multi-touch panel provides a smooth touch-centric experience for its users, and similar to personal smartphone operation, only minimal training is required. The RS31’s highly sensitive touch panel recognizes and reacts to users’ touches whether from bare fingertips or latex gloves. Along with its accurate capability of data capturing, the RS31 streamlines workflow and increases overall efficiency and productivity. Its vehicle charging cradle option further ensures all-day operating power, eliminating any need to worry about downtime.

Aside from providing products with superior functionalities to end users, CipherLab also provides immediate support to any questions or issues raised by end users. We ensure immediate assistance with any problems that may arise in order to reduce any inconvenience that may cause any downtime or negatively influence business operations. CipherLab’s immediate support and service has been greatly praised by the Australian logistics company.

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Harni Jabar