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Types Of Barcodes

What are the standard barcode formats & types?

1D Barcodes

Types of barcodes

One-dimensional barcodes, often known as linear barcodes, are a typical barcode format that most people are familiar with.

Commonly use for: inventory management, shipping & tracking, retail point of sale and more

Data storage: Only hold a few hundred characters, and as more data is added, they become physically longer. As a result, most users keep their barcodes between 8 and 15 characters long.Types of barcodes2D Barcodes

Two-dimensional barcodes uses squares or rectangles with black and white dots in specified patterns to represent data, and are newer.

Commonly use for: information tracking, marketing & advertisement, product information, direct links and more

Data storage: Images, internet URLs, speech, and other binary data can also be included in these codes. That is, whether you are linked to a database or not, you may use the data. Can be read with smartphone apps.

Common Types of 1D Barcodes

Types of 2D Barcodes

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