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The mobile computer is an all-in-one device that is designed to help you work smarter and faster. It combines a range of features such as cameras and scanners, to allow you to conduct operations on the move. Call our sales team now to find out more and see how a mobile computer could help you get more done, on the go!

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      Cilico CM550X Mobile Computer with Thermal Printer

      S$790.00 per unit
      CILICO CM550X is a highly integrated Android Print Handheld Terminal with scanning and printing features, which can meet the needs of mobile applications in various industries. The built-in printer supports both thermal paper and sticker printing, and the printing speed is up to 40mm/s. This device has been widely used for parking management, ticketing, inventory management etc in over 70 countries and regions. Features
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      Cilico C80 (2D + UHF RFID) Handheld Computer

      S$950.00 per unit
      CILICO C80 rugged PDA handheld computer is with trendy, powerful, original, and professional design. It includes standard version, medical version and UHF versions, which can be extended up to 13 different versions. It not only has one 4600mAh removable battery, but also supports hot swap battery and pistol battery meanwhile, which allows 24 hours uninterrupted work. With elegant design and powerful performance, C80 handheld computer can be widely used in industries such as medical and health, logistics and warehouse, retail, smart manufacture, and asset management etc.
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      CILICO CM900D RFID Reader (1D/2D+UHF)

      S$1,100.00 per unit
      CILICO CM900 is a newly developed UHF reader based on R2000 solution, which has excellent RFID reading and writing performance. 5700mAh battery ensures sufficient working power. Support RFID reading and barcode scanning. It can be used alone, connect your management system.