Portable label printers from the brands you know and trust, with durability and quality you can count on, all while being convenient. Our range of printer models is sure to meet your needs, whether you’re an artist, an event planner, or running a small business.

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      iData M300 Bluetooth Thermal Printer

      S$150.00 per unit
      iData M300 is a portable Bluetooth thermal printer designed with mobility in mind. Its compact size and lightweight housing design make it easy to carry in your bag or pocket, allowing you to print labels or receipts wherever you are. Its powerful battery life keeps the device working for long hours, suitable for use in logistics, e-commerce, retail, supermarket, etc. Whether you're a business professional, a mobile entrepreneur, or a busy individual who requires on-the-spot printing, the iData M300 Bluetooth Thermal Printer offers a practical solution that combines convenience, versatility, and high-quality output.
      • Printing Method: Direct Thermal
      • Resolution: 203dpi
      • Max. Printing Rate: 65mm/second
      • Max. Printing Width: 72mm
      • Max. Printing Length: 300mm
      • Max. Media Width: 80mm
      • Max. Media Diameter: 50mm
      • Interface: Type C / Bluetooth
      • Battery: 2000mAh rechargeable lithium battery
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      Cilico CM550X Mobile Computer with Thermal Printer

      S$790.00 per unit
      CILICO CM550X is a highly integrated Android Print Handheld Terminal with scanning and printing features, which can meet the needs of mobile applications in various industries. The built-in printer supports both thermal paper and sticker printing, and the printing speed is up to 40mm/s. This device has been widely used for parking management, ticketing, inventory management etc in over 70 countries and regions. Features
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      All ID 380A Mobile Thermal Printer

      S$250.00 per unit
      • Thermal receipt printing or label printing
      • Supports auto sleep and energy saving
      • Interface: USB + Bluetooth 4.0 (Standard)
      • Bluetooth supports BT3.0 & BT4.0 and able to connect with Android and IOS systems
      • Able to print a variety of bitmap, 1D, 2D or code
      • DLL, SDK and demo application are available
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      TSC Alpha-4L Portable Receipt/Label Printer (LCD + USB + WIFI)

      S$1,176.00 per unit
      The TSC Alpha-4L 4-inch (102 mm) direct thermal portable label printer features a rugged design and reliable performance that will continue to operate long after other printers have failed. As with all TSC built printers, we back up our claims with the industry’s best two-year warranty. The Alpha-4L is a comfortable, light-weight printer capable of working with any mobile label, document or receipt printing application where you need labels printed wherever you are.
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      Zebra iMZ 220 Mobile Receipt Printer

      From S$663.55 per unit
      Ideal for medium duty cycle applications where a 2" (48mm) receipt, invoice or label* is needed. Each small iMZ printer can be a smart assistant for any mobile receipt-printing application where quick, simple receipts are needed on demand. These unobtrusive printers can be worn comfortably for a full shift without interfering with the user’s tasks. Easy to operate, they are a great first step for users looking to replace pen-and-paper documentation, preprinted receipts, or unreliable mobile printers.
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      TSC Alpha-3R Portable Receipt/Label Printer

      From S$576.00 per unit
      The Alpha-3R is a comfortable, light-weight printer capable of working with any mobile printing application where you need quick, simple receipts/labels on demand. Our Alpha-3R is designed for a rough life, inside the IP54-rated protective case to resist dust and water and with its rubber over-mold design prepared to take up to a five foot fall and keep printing. These small and light printers can be worn comfortably for a full shift, without interfering with the user’s tasks. Use USB, or optional Bluetooth®, 802.11 b/g/n Wireless or Serial to connect to a mobile computer or even a smart phone and produce clear easy-to-read receipts/labels hour after hour.
      Ideal For:
      • Direct Store Deliveries (DSD)
      • Field Repair/Installation
      • Mobile Point-of-Sale
      • Parking Citations
      • Mobile ticketing
      • Onboard Transportation Ticketing
      • Utility Billing/Meter Reading