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      Entrust Adaptive Issuance Instant ID – Pro Edition (Single User)

      S$338.00 per license
      Design, issue, and manage credentials anywhere, anytime Entrust™ Instant ID Software (formerly TruCredential) is a solution for creating, issuing, and managing secure ID cards and credentials allowing organizations to meet a wide range of application requirements — from basic photo ID cards to high-assurance credentials.
      • Easy to Use: Design ID cards anytime, anywhere with intuitive, drag-and-drop templates and workflows.
      • Highly Configurable: Create custom design templates and workflows and unique user profiles.
      • Out-of-the-Box Integration: Modular solutions can be added to existing systems to provide new technologies with minimal investment.
      • Easy to Deploy: Install and license on a single server, then remotely deploy and manage users and data.
      • Enhanced Features: Access pre-built smart card configurations and comprehensive reporting.
      • Complete Solution: Engineered to integrate with Entrust printers, supplies and support as well as third-party printers.
      Professional Edition (Single User)
      Get even more capabilities with this highly scalable edition that builds on the designing and printing functionality of Instant ID Plus. The Professional edition allows for concurrent users and centralized management of users and data.