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Create secure ID cards instantly in more places SECURE ID CARDS IN AFRICA

Create secure ID cards instantly in more places SECURE ID CARDS IN AFRICA

Reaching out to remote areas

As the African economy grows, an increasing number of governmental institutions and commercial organisations need secure ID card solutions to offer financial services, as well as healthcare and other Government services.

Issuing these cards can be challenging, they need to be issued to a widely dispersed population. The answer comes in the form of Zebra card printers that are mobile enough to be taken to remote areas, that can incorporate printing onto cards with advanced security features, and go through the entire production process quickly, in one session

Tailored ID and Financial cards

Secure mobile solutions enable financial and government institutions to offer their services to the public in remote areas. Advanced card security and technology features help minimise the misuse of these services and can, for example, help protect banks against money laundering. Zebra’s solutions are extremely versatile and can be used in permanent offices as well as taken out into remote areas where flexibility is needed. Technology now gives the opportunity to combine the needs of governments and financial organisations in a single bank and ID card. This minimises production and distribution costs while maintaining security, making it easier to open up access to yet more of the population. Access to governments and financial service is crucial in rural areas and service providers can appoint Community Agents to gather proof of identity and issue cards securely, in line with KYC (Know Your Customer) policies and regulations.


For secure applications, Zebra also offers a rich choice of overt and covert security features including Guilloche patterns, photo boxes, clear windows, infrared ink printing, 2-D holographic foils, optical variable inks (OVI), opacity mark printing, contact chips and contactless chips, microtext printing, magnetic stripes, black light-reactive ink printing, and serialisation.

High security printing in more places

Whether in a permanent office or out in remote areas, Zebra ZXP card printers are the ideal tool for the job. They’re easy to transport and can be used with a laptop or Android device. They print ID and financial cards with finely detailed graphics, personal information, professional branding and secure encoded data. For extra protection, and increased card life, covert security features are available with our laminating solutions. Printer cover locks are also available to prevent unauthorised access to cards and ribbons. Importantly, operators only need minimal training, so you can put your Zebra ZXP printers to work in a short timescale.


The small size of ZXP Series 3 printers makes them easy to carry out to remote locations, even on the back of motorcycles. Then it’s simply a matter of connecting a laptop or Android mobile device for vivid full-colour printing with smart card and magnetic stripe encoding options. Zebra processing technology makes the process fast and efficient – without sacrificing quality. Zebra offers the latest ribbon technology to provide extra durability and security. Overlays and watermarking provide added longevity or security options often needed for applications such as banking or government services.


The ZXP Series 7 is Zebra’s highest performance printer for any direct-to-card printing application and can include lamination, allowing you to add holographic and forensic security features onto a printed card. With colour coded guides and a clear multi-language LCD control panel, it’s easy for anyone to use. Combining ID for government and banking services into one card can save time and resources. Additional card security can be added with invisible text or graphics on the cards which ensure that printed information is only visible under a special light. To prevent fraudulent use of the printer the ZXP Series 7 printer driver offers host authentication and data encryption via user-defined keys.


You can make the most of Zebra technology by working with our African Systems Integrator (SI) partners. Professional organisations such as Veneka in the banking sector, offer you card issuing solutions that deliver enhanced operational efficiencies and the opportunity to build a complete, connected solution.


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