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Event Management Company Chooses TSC’s TDP-247


Expo Logic is an event management company which handles thousands of attendee registrations across the globe every year. For every person that attends an event, whether they are a speaker, an exhibitor, or an attendee, a badge must be printed.

Expo Logic needed reliable printers to handle high volume printing for all their events. Since they would need to install multiple units at each event to accommodate each one of the registration lines, they were also looking at ease of use and affordability.

Although Expo Logic and its clients use many different printers, they were highly impressed with the performance of the TDP-247. “After much research, Expo Logic chose TSC’s TDP-247 as one of the printers to use for registration. The TDP-247 printed quickly and was reliable enough for use at our client events,” commented Dave Bradfield, Vice – President of Client Success at Expo Logic.

The new TDP-247 series direct thermal label printer offers best-in-class speed and high-resolution capabilities, along with a rugged, reliable design that has become the hallmark of the TSC printer family.

The decision to use TSC’s TDP-247 among its fleet of printers was an important one as printers are vital to the company’s success. For many events, several thousand badges are printed within just an hour or two. “The speed of the TSC printer is what makes it possible. Each badge prints in a few seconds.” Dave continued, “We couldn’t do what we do without the printers.”

Most recently, we were able to see the TDP-247s in action at the Promat Show in Chicago where TSC was exhibiting.

Source: TSC Printers

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