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What Are The Different Types Of PVC Blank Cards For?

There are many types of PVC blank cards, categorized by different thicknesses, sizes, and purposes. PVC blank cards with a magnetic stripe or RFID chip are also available; they are known as Smart Cards.

A Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) card printer can print on cards that are the same standard size as a common credit card: 86mm x 54mm. The thicknesses of PVC cards commonly used are 10 mil and 30 mil, and a regular credit card thickness is 30 mil.

To find the ideal card type, there are a few points to consider:

  • Are you printing a smart card? Sticky adhesive backed cards? Or just normal cards?
  • Are you looking to purchase blank or pre-printed cards?
  • Do you need any security features for your cards?
  • How will the cards be used?


Let’s Take A Look At The Different Types Of Cards

30 mil PVC Blank Cards

These 30 mil cards are ideal for printing on most direct-to-card printers. measuring 86mm by 54mm, the same size and thickness as a common credit card. They are used for identification cards such as employee passes, visitor passes, student IDs, government-issued passes, and more. In addition, 30-million-point cards are also popular for membership and gift cards that are frequently used across many retail and food establishments.


15 mil PVC Blank Cards

These 15 mil cards are ideal and suitable for printing plastic business cards, they last much long as compared to standard paper business cards and are easier to store with folding or damaging the corners. In addition, they are also waterproof.


10 mil PVC Blank Cards and Adhesive Backed Cards

10 mil cards are also a great choice for plastic business cards. The 10 mil adhesive-backed cards are commonly used for access passes, where employee details are printed on the adhesive card and pasted on a smart card. This allows the smart card to be reused by another employee, as you can simply peel off the adhesive card. The only downside is that the printing on the adhesive card is single-sided.


What Should You Look Out For When Selecting Cards

Your card printer’s specifications.

Not all card printers are the same, nor do they accept all kinds of cards. Make sure to check your printer’s specifications to see what thickness and size it can accept. Most card printers accept 30 mils as it is the standard size; however, if you are looking to print thinner cards, do make sure your printer will be able to detect the card for printing. These details can likely be found in your printer’s manual or on the brand’s website.





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