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Healthcare Service Optimizes Supply Chain Efficiency And Elevates Customer Service Using CipherLab’s RK25

As healthcare supply chain management becomes increasingly complex, companies seek innovative solutions to streamline operations and improve customer service. CipherLab’s RK25 rugged mobile computer has enabled the smart logistics center of a leading healthcare service retail chain in Taiwan to optimize its supply chain management and elevate its customer service. The logistics center, a modern state-of-the-art facility built in 2019, connects upstream suppliers, peers, and hospitals to form a prominent health industry ecosystem. The four-story building covers a total floor area of 27,000 square meters and stores over 6,000 medical and healthcare items. With the deployment of CipherLab’s RK25, the logistics center efficiently manages the receiving and shipping of supplies, fulfills express delivery within six hours, and serves its 500 stores and 3,000 home delivery orders daily, thereby enhancing its overall performance.


The e-commerce of this healthcare service retail utilizes CipherLab’s RK25 mobile computers to efficiently manage the receiving and shipping of healthcare supplies. During receiving operations, staff members use the RK25 to scan barcodes on boxes, which enables them to check quantities accurately. Similarly, during shipping operations, the staff scans the storage location numbers and item numbers with the RK25 before delivering the supplies from the logistics center. The RK25‘s standard-range scan engine is perfect for healthcare logistics.

One of the key reasons this healthcare retailer chose CipherLab’s RK25 was its UHF RFID reader capability, which extends the possibility of inventory management. By mounting the RK25 UHF RFID reader, the company is able to enhance the accuracy of inventory management, making it an ideal solution for healthcare retail chains. The company’s on-site Wi-Fi roaming issue has also been quickly resolved thanks to CipherLab’s agile support. Additionally, with the help of CipherLab’s EnDeCloud deployment tool, this healthcare retail has managed and deployed its RK25 devices efficiently, resulting in streamlined operations and increased device utilization.

In conclusion, using CipherLab’s RK25 rugged mobile computer has proven to be a valuable and versatile tool for optimizing supply chain management in the healthcare industry. The reliable quality and responsive service of the RK25 have enhanced customer satisfaction and streamlined logistics operations for this leading healthcare retail chain. With the ability to efficiently manage inventory and provide better customer service, the RK25 has innovated healthcare logistics, making it an essential tool for companies seeking to optimize their supply chain management and elevate their customer service.


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Harni Jabar