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Retail Stores Changing The Retail Game

Finding the Technology to Transform the Phygital Store Concept into a Working Reality

A fashion retailer needed to label each new garment displayed in-store with an RFID label that, when, held up to the digital mirrors, interactive kiosks and LED screens around the store, enables shoppers to access detailed information about that garment without having to go online or call an associate. This includes videos, the in-store and online availability of sizes and colours, recommended accessories and matching items. It needed best-in-class RFID labels to deliver this interactive in-store experience, and JogoTech, which had recently become a Zebra partner, recommended Zebra RFID printers and labels. Feedback has been excellent and store associates are delighted with how quickly they can efficiently relabel stock and track the performance of the labels.

An Innovative, Seamless and Relevant Customer Experience

The retailer’s flagship phygital store has been so successful and popular with customers that the retailer is opening a second store in Madrid. Since launch, it has also tested some of Zebra’s enterprise mobile touch computers in conjunction with associated RFID sleds. The retailer is very impressed by their ease of use, scanning capabilities and speedsspeeds. So, it is expanding its RFID solution to include exciting new Zebra products and expanding its use to its new store and small warehouses.

Successful Innovation and Collaboration Drive Growth

This deployment is groundbreaking on many levels – from the start- up flagship store to new fruitful collaborations and the revolutionary way Zebra RFID solutions is being used to enable the phygital store to operate effectively. And there is no doubt that Fashionalia, JogoTech and Zebra Technologies will keep driving innovations that push boundaries and drive new retail innovations.


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