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Singapore Driver’s License Case Study

Taking Performance & Efficiency to the Next Level

In 2002, the Singapore Traffic Police partnered with one of Entrust distributors, SSG, to convert its driver’s license program from paper licenses to photo-based plastic cards with the Datacard® 9000 card issuance system. By 2016, the Traffic Police realized it was time to take advantage of the latest card issuance technologies to raise the performance and efficiency of the driver’s license program to a whole new level. The Traffic Police wanted to further streamline the production process with more automation, including automated quality assurance, to allow the agency to deliver high-quality licenses in less time.


The Singapore Traffic Police sought an end-to-end solution offering high automation in production and quality assurance to achieve goals of consistent card quality, higher throughput and lower operational cost.


SSG implemented a complete card to envelope solution built around the Entrust Datacard MX2100 Card Issuance System with automated quality assurance, as well as the MXD and MXI fulfillment systems.


The integrated solution far exceeded expectations, doubling card production while enabling high speed in-line quality assurance. The Traffic Police Division achieved additional efficiencies by outsourcing the entire production process to SSG.

Building on a Trusted Relationship

After considering bids from several other issuance technology providers, the Traffic Police were impressed with the complete card-to-envelope solution and comprehensive local support offered by SSG.

Implementing the MX2100

The MX2100 deployment was customized to meet very specific goals laid down by the client. Data and process management was streamlined with a range of Entrust Datacard software products. Deep integration with the MX2100 system ensured automated quality assurance and optimized performance. Entrust Datacard’s range of security supplies was also key to delivering protection from environmental and chemical abrasion, enhancing the lifespan and usability of the document.

An End-to-End, Card-to-Envelope Solution

The MX2100 system seamlessly interface with the Singapore government’s IT systems. Information is pooled from various sources and prepared for batch production. Finished envelopes are prepared with enhanced levels of security and inventory audits.

Doubling Throughput, Exceeding Expectations

The MX2100 system immediately exceeded the Traffic Police’s expectations, doubling the agency’s card production throughput. Through the efficiencies of automated workflows and the increased performance of the advanced technology, the MX2100 system enable the Traffic Police to personalize, verify and deliver driver’s licenses at a rate of 1,200 cards per hour. This enables the agency to put consistently high-quality licenses in citizens hands significantly faster, while lowering overall program costs

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