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Hubei Post Company Selects iData to Improve Informatizaiton of e-Commerce Small Package Business

A Post Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Post Group Corporation and is a large sate-owned enterprise. It has 9 direct subordinate units, 17 post offices at the municipal (prefecture or forest region) level, 66 post offices at the county level and more than 2100 service outlets. In the whole province, the Company has about 24,000 employees.

Application Needs

e-Commerce small package is a product developed by Post Company for postage requirements in the e-Commerce industry. In order to provide customers with better logistics service, Hubei Post Company continues to improve informatization of logistics, including use of iData Android mobile computers for automatic data collection and transmission of logistics data of e-Commerce small package.

Application Field

Use barcode identification and 3G wireless transmission technology to carry out real-time intelligent management for sending and receiving of e-Commerce small package, sorting operation and other personalized services.

Application Implementation

For sending, receiving and sorting operation of e-Commerce small package, Hubei Post Company uses iData Android mobile computers to collect business data in real time. By using the 3G wireless transmission function provided by iData Android mobile computers, the staff transmits dynamic information about e-Commerce small package during loading, unloading and transfer to the management background in real time so that managerial personnel can query and master transportation information about e-Commerce small package at any time, implement full-process visual management for logistics of e-Commerce small package and ensure that e-Commerce small package can be delivered in a quick, accurate and batched manner.

In addition, by using the 3G wireless transmission function and camera provided by iData Android mobile computers, the staff provides customers with batch consignment, reserved delivery, home signature for receipt, short message notification for the delivery process, photographing and uploading.

Customer Benefits

iData Android mobile computers help the e-Commerce small package workgroup of Post Company implement automatic collection of business data and greatly improve the work efficiency. Take the business in the sorting center as an example. After iData mobile computers are used, the business efficiency is increased by more than 10 times.

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