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The CipherLab RS50 Series Improves Efficiency of Van Deliveries in Polish Floral Industry

Headquartered in northern Poland, the company is a family-owned and operated business with over 40 years of experience in growing and selling flowers. It cultivates over 70 different varieties of roses in an area of 5.65 hectares (ha), along with 70 anthurium varieties in 2.7 ha. Moreover, it grows 2,000 varieties of orchids with a cultivation area of 10 ha. This floral company also manages its own wholesale trade network, the largest in Poland, which has a total of 15 representative branches supplying the top Polish florists with fresh flowers. For the convenience of its customers, each branch has specialized delivery vans, which delivers flowers within a radius of up to 50 km from the branch ensuring their flowers are always fresh and healthy.

The company had been using Windows based devices for its vans; however, the operating system became outdated, which in turn affected its users’ daily work. Also, there aren’t many applications available on Windows and most existing ones are no longer supported and developed as dedicated projects. The company was then forced to replace the current device with an Android-friendly device because Android based solutions are more flexible and more applications are developed to help enterprises’ businesses.

The company decided to switch to the CipherLab RS50 series because its Android 6.0 OS is certified with GMS which offers advanced advantages in operation speed, power, efficiency, and data security. It is also fully equipped with a 1D/2D high performance barcode reader which captures barcodes on items easily and accurately. Moreover, the RS50’s 4.7″ HD display comes with its signature capture capability on the touch screen, allowing the van drivers to validate each delivery item with the store manager. Since the van drivers are always away delivering items, the company is very satisfied with RS50 series’ hot-swap function and back-up battery which allows for efficient operation without data loss concerns. Additionally, van drivers no longer need to worry about the device getting damaged from short drops or malfunctioning in rainy conditions due to its IP65/67 protection and 1.8m drop resistance durability.

Thanks to our local partner’s efforts, the company is very satisfied with the RS50 series’ performance and deployment in van delivery applications. Also, because of the RS50’s outstanding features and its unlimited application possibilities, the company is happy to expand its scope of deploying this solution to the next process – deliveries control and returnable packaging management.

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