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Build A Solid Foundation Of Smart Library For Zhuzhou Century Star High school

Zhuzhou Century Star High School covers an area of 79,000 square meters and has 52 teaching classes, containing over 2,600 students and 160 teachers and staff.

Since 2010 when the school was set up, it has won unanimous admiration and wide praise through its unique management model, good education, and first-class service.

In order to build a smart campus, and to provide a better reading service and cultivate a cultural literacy of students, Invengo help Zhuzhou Century Star High School Library to build a smart library. This smart library solution is consisted of book management system, self-borrowing and returning book system, label conversion device and others of intelligent devices.

The library has employed Invengo’s Smart Book Cloud Platform, which is equipped with 75-inch LCD display screen for simultaneous displaying. The platform can show real-time data statistics on the number of people entered the library, the amount of borrowed books, and the ranking of the most popular books. Librarians will analyse those reading data of students and teachers to gear up the circulation efficiency of books.

The library equips self-loan stations and self-check devices. Self-loan station improves the efficiency when students and staff borrow and return books. Readers can use book card and WeChat QR code to finish book borrowing and returning on a Self-loan station.

The Self-check device is convenient for readers to quickly query the location of books in the library. This result can show the exact number of the shelf, so that client can easily acquire books they want.

A RFID Designer Clear Security Gates have been installed at the entrance of the library. Those books with RFID tag can be identified when people go through the gates. Sound and light alarms will turn on when illegally circulating books are recognized. This will help librarians to secure the collections of the library.

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