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Retailer Keeping Its Membership Card Issuance Running Seamlessly

Challenge: Costco Mexico — with more than 100 stores and counting — needed a reliable source to keep ID card printers and consumables in stock and provide fast, expert service to support its growing membership card issuance program.

Solution: Guarantee in-stock Datacard® CD800TM card printers and ribbons for Costco Mexico and provide reliable, local maintenance and repairs.

Results: Costco Mexico now can count on to keep its membership card issuance program running seamlessly as it continues to expand throughout the country.

Strengthening Membership Card Issuance

Wholesale retailer Costco has been on the move in recent years. They’ve opened new warehouse club stores in many regions of the world that typically outperform other rival mass merchandizers who have ventured beyond their U.S. home base.

In fact, Costco Mexico now has more than 100 locations. To keep card issuance running smoothly, Costco Mexico needed a partner for ID card printers, service and supplies they could count on to support their continued growth.  Card printers weren’t readily available. Consumables were frequently out of stock. Maintenance and repairs took longer than expected.

Local reseller saw this as an opportunity to bring more reliability to Costco Mexico’s membership card issuance program. The two partnered together to convince Costco Mexico to switch providers.

Featured Product

The Datacard® CD800TM card printer provides enterprise-class printing that fits on the desktop, making it an exceptional solution for retail operations that want to instantly issue membership cards. In addition to outstanding security and durability, this card printer offers high-speed printing, more reliable performance and the highest print resolution available in a desktop card printer. With this printer, you can issue extremely durable ID cards with intricate graphics and vibrant color plus add high-security features such as smart card personalization — all at an exceptional value.

Forging a Powerful Alliance

Together, local reseller set out to show Costco Mexico they could meet their growing demand for ID card printers, supplies and service. They introduced Datacard® CD800TM card printers as the solution to replace Costco Mexico’s current fleet of card printers. The CD800 card printer offers an unique mix of security, durability and affordability — while outperforming the fastest card printers in its class. Local reseller also guaranteed they would maintain a permanent stock of YMCKT ribbons for seamless replenishment. They also offered a 30-month warranty and local service for fast, reliable, expert maintenance and repairs.

“Local reseller showcased the strength of the Entrust Datacard brand as well as the value- added features we provide including reliable pre- and post-sales support,” said a representative from local reseller. “All of this — including our very attractive fixed pricing — made Costco Mexico very happy and they decided to make the change.”

Equipped for Future Growth

As promised, local reseller delivered the new card printers on time and met Costco Mexico’s expectations. Local reseller is now in charge of post-sales support for the card printing fleet and so far, Costco Mexico has been very pleased with the high level of service and support they have received.

Costco uses the CD800 card printers to personalize and add magnetic stripes to its membership cards that have pre-printed backgrounds. The warehouse club issues more than one million cards a year — which is expected to grow as more retail locations are opened in the country.

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