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Furniture and office identification with RFID at Martela

A supplier of office furniture services keeps track of its assets and customer office implementations with RFID.


  • Need for making furniture inventory and planning more efficient


  • Really fast inventory process
  • Accurate asset database can be used for planning and optimization

The supplier has launched a system that improves the speed and accuracy of office furniture inventory at customer sites significantly. Confidex solution provider partner, to implement the RFID system that is based on RFID tags that are attached to office locations and furniture.

Confidex Steelwave Micro is used for the identification of each office space. The tag stores the office location as well as links the related furniture to the location in the database. The office furniture is inventoried with RFID hand-held reader – it picks up the tagged furniture efficiently also from a long-distance away. The system reduces human error during inventory and speeds up the inventory process significantly.

It’s typical that the office layout and its furniture content are modified by employees when they are doing small changes in their rooms. This makes inventory records to be out-of-date. With the new system, a normal office room can be inventoried in 10 seconds. Thanks to the accurate and up-to-date inventory records, the supplier is able to improve the office furniture management, plan changes, office movings and make upgrade planning. The customer also receives accurate furniture inventory records for bookkeeping.

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