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Indian e-Commerce Company Uses CipherLab RK25 Series to Boost Warehouse Efficiency

An e-Commerce company headquartered in Pune, India, uses CipherLab RK25 series to increase its warehouse efficiency. It is one of Asia’s largest e-Commerce companies selling more than 200,000 baby and children’s products from more than 2,000 international brands. To deal with such a variety of products in a busy warehouse environment and with the requirement of fast delivery, the pursuit of efficiency and accuracy is crucial for the company.

To fulfill this demand, a hardware solution with functionality that perfectly meets working environment needs is absolutely vital. The CipherLab RK25 series is a rugged Android mobile computer that combines the benefits of touch computers with handheld mobility. It is crafted with operation-friendly designs and fulfills the most diverse user behaviors in any environment with high volume data collection, such as the working environment in this user scenario. Obviously, the CipherLab RK25 is the perfect solution that suits the needs of high-volume stock checking. It is built for intensive data collection environments. The CipherLab RK25 offers reader options with a linear imager, 2D imager, and mid-range 2D imager, giving workers a long-distance barcode reading capability of over 4 meters. It is definitely a great solution for the busy e-Commerce warehouse, from receiving, stocking, picking, dispatching to a final internal audit. Aside from all the functions above, its long-life battery supports an 8-hour shift easily. And due to its pistol grip, wrist fatigue is no longer a problem for warehouse workers.

With the help of CipherLab’s RK25 series, workers in the warehouse successfully increase their working efficiency and accuracy when dealing with daily tasks from receiving to dispatching.

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