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Traceability Through Manufacturing Process


  • Manufacturing
  • Work in progress
  • Construction And Mining
  • Logistics And RTI Operation


  • Reliable traceability through manufacturing process.
  • Automotive part tracking.
  • How to identify a part without having the operator and robotics or automation system orient the product in any particular direction.


  • The operator doesn’t have to grab a 2D barcode or UPC scanner to identify the product.
  • Saving significant work and cycle time while maintaining 100% traceability through production.

After thoroughly testing a large variety of off-the-shelf RAIN RFID tags, the manufacturer was unable to find a suitable solution for tagging automotive parts. Off-the-shelf tags either failed testing or were too large and expensive to meet stringent product requirements and price targets. Dana commissioned Confidex Ltd., the leader in industrial RFID tags, to develop a custom RFID tag which could meet manufacturer’s product requirements including high temperature washing and painting. Throughout the design process, the manufacturer and Confidex teams worked closely together to ensure optimal read performance and adhesion of the final tag design.

The end result was success in achieving 100% traceability of each product despite the rigors of the manufacturer’s production including: high temperature washes, painting, and handling while also being read at any product orientation. RAIN RFID fulfilled these requirements with affordable pricing to tag every product.

Today, each product has a RAIN RFID tag which stays with the product through its full lifecycle.


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