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TSC Android Mobile Printing Solution by USB connection

Most mobile printer applications connect mobile printers with a PDA, smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi interface. With the Android platform becoming more and more popular, some customers are asking for the most economical solution to use a USB cable. Also, the USB connection is the more secure solution to avoid data packet being captured.

Step 1. Get a USB OTG cable

Step 2. Combine the mini USB cable + USB OTG cable

Step 3. Connect the USB cable + OTG cable from step 2 into the smart phone and printer

Step 4. If the user’s application was integrated with TSC’s SDK, the TSC printer will automatically be detected once you turn on the printer or re-insert the USB cable into the printer when the printer is turned on.

For example, execute TscUSBSample, then power on the printer. The TSC Printer with USB connected will be detected. Tap “Use by default for this USB device”, then click “OK”.

Step 5. Conduct a print test.

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Harni Jabar