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CipherLab RS30 Series Delivers Distinct Mobility for Asset Management and Maintenance

Maximize Utilization of Company AssetBackground
One of the biggest global companies of ICT solutions in China has expanded business to more than 170 countries and regions. Now the company has over 170,000 employees, and sets up 16 R&D centers worldwide. To manage a huge amount of base stations, the company has built up an asset management system and outsourced associated tasks to contractors for worldwide asset management and maintenance.

The field workers of contractors heavily rely on laptops for following daily routines.

Downloading the daily route 
The field workers log in back-end system on the laptop and download tasks and routes that they need to complete in a day.

Acquiring database for inspection and maintenance
Through WLAN the field workers can access back-end system and get necessary information or documents wherever they are needed for references and guidance. However, in some locations where WLAN connectivity is not available, the field workers need to pre-load those data in the laptop for looking up.

Submitting report and updating history records
After the inspection or maintenance is completed, the field workers can update history records or submit reports to the back-end system through WLAN on timely basis. Otherwise, they have no choice but finish those paperwork when they are back to the office.

For the company and its contractor, laptops may replace tons of paperwork and eliminate human errors, but it limits field workers’ mobility due to heavy weight, no wireless connection outdoors, low protection against harsh environments, etc. Any of these disadvantages can interrupt the work follow and negatively influence field workers’ efficiency and accuracy.

At the initial stage, to overcome those challenges, the company planned to adopt the same solution that they have deployed for goods receiving at base stations, which is a combination of an Android smartphone and a pocket-sized barcode scanner. The company has also developed an application running on Android operating system to streamline all tasks of asset management.

Proposed Solution
Thinking of users’ demands, CipherLab has proposed a solution of the RS30 series Touch Mobile Computer. The RS30 series is capable of both running Android applications and scanning barcodes simultaneously so that workers need not carry two devices at one time.

While overcoming most disadvantages of a laptop for field mobility, the RS30 series also provides users with more benefits that the company can expect.

One Device Fits All Tasks
Running on Android 4.4 operating system, the CipherLab RS30 series allows field workers to complete all tasks through the developed applications. Equipped with the capabilities of 1D/2D barcode capturing and multiple wireless connections, the RS30 series allows field workers to accomplish every task with just one device. For example, scanning barcodes on assets to get correct asset number, instantly acquiring necessary documents, and updating data to back-end system, etc. Its weight of only 260 g also unleashes field workers from the burden of carrying laptops and additional scanners.

Real-time Data and Positioning Record
Compared with a laptop, the RS30 series is equipped with GPS/AGPS enabling managers to further make sure field workers’ presence at work. In addition to real-time accessibility to back-end system through 3.8G HSPA+ and IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, the RS30’s wireless connectivity also allows field workers to instantly record their locations as the proof of their on-time attendance. It’s also an important indication for managers to arrange routine schedule for every employee.

Ruggedness and Swappable Battery Extend Operation Time
The RS30 series is a touch-centric mobile computer delivering similar user experience to other personal smartphones. Protected by IP54 and 1.2 m drop resistance, the RS30 is more durable than smartphones and laptops in outdoor environments challenged by dust and rain. Additionally, when the battery is drained on the road, especially in the countryside where chargers are hard to find, the field workers can directly replace it with a spare fully- charged battery to minimize downtime.

More RS30 series mobile computer will be continuously distributed to various countries for worldwide deployment. During the period of deployment, CipherLab delivers reliability by instant and professional on-site support for problem solving. CipherLab therefore earns trust from the company and is proven a favorable solution provider to other issues and challenges, such as production line and inventory management at plants and warehouses.

Maximize Utilization of Company Asset

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